I miss my son very much. My world will never be the same without him. Sometimes I wish I can turn back the hands of time to have him back. Due to someone’s foolish and reckless behavior, I lost a part of my heart. The pain and grief I must live with everyday cuts deep inside. But I thank God for giving me strength to bare the pain. As I heard, it’s something you never get over, it’s something you get use to. – Darryl A. Hairston I

Darryl A. Hairston I, FounderĀ 



Words can’t express the pain, hurt, & sadness I feel from missing my little brother, my baby. He was coming into his own as a young man & I was so proud of him! He didn’t deserve for his life to be taken so soon. I’ll never be the same, my heart will never be whole again. I love him to the moon & back, always & foreveršŸ’”Ā – Tee